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News from Rhodes Island

Wednesday 18 January 2006

January 15the 2006 Warren, Rhodes Island
Today was a great day! I did my first clinic with Pinda (Philadelphia) and he was fantastic.
The clinic was with Lynne Kimbal Davis who came up from Florida to this freezing cold weather.She is a very well respected trainer in the U.S. She sold a horse she trained to Ulla Salzgeber last year. Ulla is competing him at Grand Prix.
Anyway to get back to us. First she helped me with some lunge work and helping me to be more effecient with getting his hind end under him. I then rode the rest of my time and worked on my downward transitions. She was quite helpful and we have a good start with my journey with my friend. He was so good, you would all have been so proud of him. I certainly am. Lynne thought he is a great horse and very good match for me. It went much better then I thought it would . I just did not expect too much for our first time doing this but now I cannot wait to practice tomorrow. 
Bye for now and thanks to all of you who helped make this possible!  
Regards and happy riding, Robin