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Robin and Pinda are doing good work

Sunday 5 March 2006

Warren, 5th March,
Kennedy/Pinda has been in America for three months. Every week is getting better and better. Slow and steady wins the race they say. I am having some great rides with him. Some days easier then others but each good in its own way. He always makes me look pretty good!
It is a lot to relocate a horse, change riders,and instruction but he is doing quite nicely. He is a credit to Odelia and Gerard and Holland of course.
I would not hesitate to go back to you for another horse because I like this one so much! Thank you for giving him a good start. I am looking foward to warm weather, clinics and maybe a show or two. Yes, I did say that! He is much too nice to keep on the farm. I want to go out there and show him off!
Happy riding, Margot congragulations  I do not know Dutch but I know you just won a nice Prize. Keep up the good work
Peace to you all, Robin